In-house Pathology & Blood Testing

All of our surgeries have the latest blood-analysis equipment. The machines are invaluable and allow a rapid diagnosis in unwell animals, as well as routine monitoring and screening before anaesthesia. Animals with chronic disease, and those on long-term medication can also be regularly monitored using our in-house analysers.

Blood tests provide important information about the internal health of your pet. We use them to help us diagnose or rule out certain medical conditions in patients that are unwell and also as part of a screening program for healthy pets.

We are able to run a whole range of tests in-house on our haematology & biochemistry analysers. We can assess liver & kidney function, check for diabetes and measure red and white blood cells – all key indicators of your pets wellbeing. Most tests can be run on the premises and we usually have results available within an hour. This allows us to perform pre-anaesthetic screening on the same day as surgery is scheduled. It also provides us with prompt results for sick pets allowing early intervention and treatment. We are also able to perform urine and faecal testing which may be utilised to identify bladder infections or gastrointestinal viruses.

Veterinary Clinic Lab

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